To reduce heart diseases in Hungary

Hungarian National Heart Foundation

Our mission

2007-03-12 | Refreshed: 2013-01-07 16:18

The Hungarian National Heart Foundation was founded by the Hungarian Society of Cardiologists in 1993. The mission of the Foundation is to reduce cardiovascular diseases so that it is no longer the primary cause of death and a major factor of early disability in Hungary. Our aim is to promote cardiovascular prevention, and the support and facilitated care of heart patients.

The Foundation coordinates the work of heart foundations in Hungary. It represents our country in international organizations, such as the European Heart Network and the World Heart Federation. We seek and initiate collaboration with other non-governmental organizations for a more efficacious accomplishment of our objectives.

Our Foundation plays a leading role among civil society organizations fighting against sudden cardiac death. We have supplied health providers, mainly general practitioners, with life-saving defibrillator equipment in an unprecedented number through our "Every minute counts? program." We are leaders in providing such life-saving devices for public and other congested areas.

We are devoted to promoting the health of children. Among avoidable risk factors we focus primarily on reducing obesity. We believe that a child growing up healthily has better chances to become an adult living in good health.

We educate both healthy and diseased people about risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, and the potentials of prevention and care. Our information materials provide a creditable source of advice for maintaining health.